Postdoctoral Scientists

We are seeking two postdoctoral scientist positions for the Baby’s First Years study. BFY is a randomized controlled trial testing the impact of poverty reduction on early childhood development and family life. In 2018, the study began recruiting 1,000 low-income mothers of newborns. Upon enrolling in the study, mothers were randomized to receive either $333/month or $20/month for the first several years of their infants’ lives. All mothers were over the age of 18; most were women of color, with the sample comprised of about 40% Black and 40% Latinx mothers; just under half were in coresidential partnerships; and approximately one quarter were first-time mothers. The mothers in the study are free to spend the money however they like, and the study is assessing the impact of this differential poverty reduction on children’s cognitive, emotional, and brain development.


We are now seeking two 2-year postdoctoral scientist positions to begin Fall 2021 – one based in Omaha, Nebraska, and the other based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The postdoctoral scientists will work closely with local lab supervisors (Dr. Tim Nelson and Dr. Jen Nelson in Omaha; Dr. Sarah Black in New Orleans), and will have regular remote meetings with PIs (Dr. Kimberly Noble and Dr. Nathan Fox, as well as other study leadership based in NYC).


Responsibilities will include:

- Supervising a team of 2-3 research assistants in collecting data in the university lab setting, as the             children in the study reach 3 to 4 years of age

- Overseeing scheduling and tracking of participants

- Overseeing quality control of local data collection

- Overseeing data management and data transfer


Must have research experience with administering standardized cognitive assessments to young children in the lab setting. Qualified candidates will be highly organized, have good leadership skills, be detail-oriented, and will be proficient at interacting with young children and families.


Experience with administering EEG and/or collecting biological samples from young children is a strong plus. Familiarity with the Omaha and/or New Orleans community is a strong plus. Previous experience working with diverse and low-income communities of color is highly desirable. Bilingualism in Spanish is a strong plus for the Omaha position.


If desired, candidates may work with the principal investigator team in data analysis and scientific dissemination. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to