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data collection


Working with the Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan, we recruited mothers after giving birth at hospitals in four metropolitan areas: New York City, greater New Orleans, the Twin Cities, and the Omaha metropolitan area. Eligible mothers who chose to participate completed a baseline interview about their work, education, family background, household income, relationship with the baby’s father, mental health, and neighborhood of residence. View the recruitment materials.


Quantitative Data Collection at birth and ages 1, 2, 3, and 4

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12-month visit (complete): Approximately one year after the child’s birth, each mother was invited to participate in a follow up survey. Information about the child’s health and development, maternal health, family income, and family life was collected. For data collection prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the surveys were administered in the families' homes. For this subset of participants, mother and child interactions were videotaped during a brief ten minute interaction, and infant brain activity was assessed using mobile EEG technology.


24-month visit (complete): Approximately two years after the child’s birth, mothers were invited to participate in a telephone interview. Information that was collected is broadly similar to that collected at the 12-month visit.


36-month visit (complete): Approximately three years after the child’s birth, mothers were  invited to participate in a telephone interview. Information collected is broadly similar to that collected 12 and 24 months.


48-month visit (complete): Approximately four years after the child’s birth, families were invited to local university settings to complete questionnaires related to their life experiences and child's development, and we directly assessed children's cognitive and emotional development and brain function.


Qualitative Data Collection at ages 10, 19, 27, and 40 months


Beginning in 2019, we recruited 80 mothers from the New Orleans and Twin Cities study sites, to participate in -depth, semi-structured interviews. These interviews have occurred at four time points so far, approximately 9-12 months apart. A fifth wave of interviews is currently underway with a final wave of interviews planned shortly after participating mothers stop receiving the cash gifts. Through the completed waves of interviews, we retained 88% of the sample. Additionally, we are getting ready to launch Phase 2 interviews in our other two study sites, New York City and Omaha area. These interviews provide insight into the context in which mothers are parenting and making financial decisions and how they think about and make choices around the BFY money.

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